Volvo Penta News

Volvo Penta’s battery energy storage expertise advances

Volvo Penta is advancing its net-zero initiatives by providing its battery energy storage subsystem to BESS manufacturers venturing into charging infrastructure support. This is exemplified in a recent collaboration with TecnoGen, part of the Bruno Generators Group (BRG).

Fischer Connectors

Fischer Core First Mate Last Break connectors ensure electrical safety and mechanical reliability for medical devices

Fischer Connectors has released new First Mate Last Break connectors in its low-voltage multipole Fischer Core Series, to offer outstanding levels of electrical safety, mechanical reliability and ease of use for operators of medical devices in compliance with IEC 60601-1.

Flex Power Modules News

8:1 input 100 W DC/DC in quarter brick format

Flex Power Modules has added a quarter brick, baseplate-cooled DC/DC to their product line-up, featuring an ultra-wide 9-75 VDC input range (100V/100 ms). The PKM8100A delivers 100 W at up to 89% efficiency and is available with initial outputs of 12 V/ 8.35A or 54 V/1.85 A.



GEA now also equips the aseptic double-seat valves of the Aseptomag range with lockout-tagout (LoTo) devices. The Group is thus expanding its range of safety devices for process plants with valve technology.

Meltio News

Meltio exceeds 300 systems sold and covers the needs of manufacturing and repairing industrial metal parts

Meltio, a disruptive wire-laser metal deposition technology manufacturer, is in luck time. Why ? The Spanish multinational dedicated to the development of its unique and patented wire-laser metal 3D printing technology for the worldwide sector has just celebrated a very remarkable ephemeris: Meltio has exceeded 300 systems sold worldwide.

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