DENSO and DENSO Fukushima launch a Demonstration Project Using Hydrogen

DENSO and DENSO Fukushima together will start a demonstration project at DENSO Fukushima in March 2023 to produce and use green hydrogen at its plant in collaboration with Toyota Motor Corporation as part of the initiative to realise carbon-neutral manufacturing.

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric launches its “Factory Automation SPEC Search” mobile app to support the selection and comparison of factory automation products to build digital manufacturing systems

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a free mobile application, available for iOS and Android platforms, for searching and comparing its factory automation products to make it easier to quickly identify relevant products to aid digital manufacturers. The list of supported products includes items such as computerized numerical controllers (CNCs), industrial and collaborative robots, electrical discharge machines (EDMs), devices that support energy saving and selected human-machine interfaces (HMIs). Following the release of the Japanese version of the mobile app, the English “Factory Automation SPEC Search” app is now available in India, Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan through the App Store and Google Play. After this initial English release of the app, the company plans to continuously add more products as it matures.


CC-LINK Taking Ethernet to the Next Level with TSN

Time-Sensitive Networking is an enabling technology and a vehicle for broader change in industrial networking, as it consists of meaningful enhancements that prepare Ethernet for next-generation applications.

Elesa + Ganter News

The ELESA+GANTER method of vibration dampening

ELESA+GANTER provides a selection of vibration mounts that feature AVR rubber buffer plates glued to NBR rubber vibration-damper body.

Seco Tools

Seco Tools 3D manufacturing creates new opportunities

Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, allows Seco Tools to create products that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to manufacture. The advantages include shorter lead times, improved tool life and increased sustainability.

Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz Oscilloscope Days 2023 deliver expertise for day-to-day testing challenges

Engineers across the globe will once again have the opportunity to attend online theoretical and practical sessions and interactive discussions during the two-day Oscilloscope Days event, hosted by Rohde & Schwarz in April 2023. Experts will present the latest challenges in the industry and dive into how next-generation oscilloscopes meet daily testing needs, as well as educational sessions about oscilloscope fundamentals.

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