Copadata News

Updated version of Copadata straton 9.4 hits the market

Straton 9.4now supports TLS on both the DNP3 and IEC 60870 energy protocols, as well as the Authentication on DNP3, and the possibility for the user to do online programming from scripts.

Rohde & Schwarz

R&S IQW100 wideband I/Q data recorder enables field-to-lab tests with midrange equipment

The R&S IQW100 brings signals from the real world into the laboratory to simulate real-world test environments, used in combination with selected midrange R&S signal analyzers and generators. It follows the successful launch in 2018 of the high-end R&S IQW wideband I/Q data recorder supporting top-of-the range R&S equipment. The R&S IQW100 supports recording and replaying signals with bandwidths up to 200 MHz and sampling rates up to 250 MS/s.

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