ABB News

ABB and Qbuzz power progress in Dutch e-mobility adoption

As the Netherlands aims to deliver a 95 percent reduction in emissions by 2050, ABB has been appointed to provide more than 100 connected high-power and fast chargers for the Qbuzz fleet of 99 fully electric buses.

Vega News

New Year – New Sensors

VEGA launches three new product series.


Amphenol Sine Systems' microBOSS™ M12

Amphenol Sine Systems’ microBOSS™ M12 product line is IP67-rated (in mated condition), and allows for a cost-effective Signal and Data distribution system compatible with other industry standard mating connectors.

Dunkermotoren News


Students of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences develop the mobile robot platform (rover) “Horizon XIX“ for the international student competition “European Rover Challenge“. The rover is dimensioned for the mars-like challenges of the competition. Smart Dunkermotoren motors of the BG 65S series form the centerpiece of the rover, they power the chassis.

Kontron News

Hannes Niederhauser, CEO S&T AG: "These five technology trends will shape the industry in 2020

Hannes Niederhauser, CEO at Kontron and Chairman of the Management Board of the S&T Group, considers five technology trends to be the defining themes for the industry in 2020, including edge computing, real-time networks including 5G, new standards for embedded platforms, cyber security and artificial intelligence. Niederhauser is convinced that the continuing trend towards digitalization in companies and the continuing rapid innovation cycles in IT are a guarantee for growth, even if the economic environment should become more challenging.

Seco Tools

Manufacturing Efficiency is On-time Deliveries and Satisfied Customers

A machining workshop seeks to produce a certain number of parts, at a required level of quality, in the most efficient way, delivered on time. Traditionally, manufacturing businesses defined efficiency by return on investment. Success was measured in terms of continuous runs of thousands or hundreds of thousands of pieces and maintaining steady output from one or many machines was the goal. From that point of view, a machine that was running and making parts was considered efficient.

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