Volvo Penta News

Volvo Penta industrial power generation engines prove vital

It has been six years since Hurricane Maria devastated the northeastern Caribbean in September 2017. Even though electricity has long since been restored across the island, the demand for backup power sources remains high for businesses, schools, hospitals, utilities, government facilities and private homes. In this article we shine a spotlight on the vital role of off-grid power generation systems.

Bluebotics News

BlueBotics takes AGVs and AMRs outside

ANT everywhere, a new product extension by the Swiss autonomous navigation leader, enables a new era of AGV & AMR operations by making outdoor vehicle missions just as robust and precise as those indoors.


TSE’s agricultural canopies: PcVue at the heart of a system of photovoltaic shades

Transitioning to sustainable energy sources is the major challenge of our era. Emission reduction, optimization of consumption, clean energy that is accessible to all, and de-carbonization are some of the challenges to be met in order to preserve the environment and combat energy insecurity.

GE News


GE’s large, prefabricated Supermodules for Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) will be installed at Goi Thermal Power Station, located in Chiba Prefecture, part of the Greater Tokyo Area.

Visual components News

Introducing Visual Components 4.7 – Simplify the Complex

Visual Components 4.7 is designed to address the complexities of modern manufacturing systems, enhancing user experience, boosting productivity, and helping simplify the complex so that no matter the project, users can achieve their goals with ease and confidence.

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