Anritsu News

Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A Supports USB4TM Receiver Test

Anritsu Corporation is pleased to announce the start of sales of its USB4 receiver test solution using the company's Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A in combination with automation software from Granite River Labs or Teledyne LeCroy to control a connected oscilloscope and implement tests meeting the latest USB4 standards.

Progea News


Movicon.NExT 4.0 is the new industrial software platform that offers the most innovative and flexible software technologies for Windows/Linux HMI projects, for SCADA supervisors and for efficiency and MES analysis solutions, indispensable for Industry 4.0.

MTS Sensor Technologie GmbH News

Temposonics R-Series V sensors now available with analog (voltage/current) output

New features and tools make the R-Series V Analog sensors ideal for Industry 4.0 applications. The new sensors are adaptive to a variety of applications and can now evaluate more parameters while the application is running.

Tsubaki Moto News

Tsubaki BR-HT series of high-speed backstop Cam Clutches

Tsubaki BR-HT (Backstop Reducer High Torque) series of backstops prevent back running in industrial machine applications. The Cam Clutch design means that the inner and outer races are locked together with zero back running in the event of equipment failure. Because the BR-HT series backstop can be directly mounted into machinery, it is ideally suited to applications where a small installation footprint may be required, such as industrial gearboxes that are typically used on inclined conveyors or bucket elevators, pumps and winches.


Spain’s Zeleros raises 7M€ in financing to lead the development of hyperloop in Europe

Zeleros Hyperloop has completed a financing round worth more than €7 million. The company starts a new and important phase in the development of its unique version of hyperloop, the “fifth mode of transport”, the best alternative for the future to connect efficiently and sustainably long-distance routes for passenger and cargo transportation. Connections like Paris – Berlin could be reduced to less than an hour.

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