World's First Exclusive 360-Degree Spherical Image Processor to Make Its Debut at Computex 2018 Introducing Unprecedented Six Big-Pixel Sensors and Live Streaming

Capitalizing on the global trend of 360-degree imaging and virtual reality (VR), the world's first spherical image processor designed exclusively for 360-degree imaging is poised to hit the market. The highly expected processor features unprecedented functions including in-camera stitching, real-time live streaming, one-click to share on social networks, 4K2K image quality, and six big-pixel sensors.

ASPEED Technology Inc., the world's largest BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) chip provider, will launch the first ever spherical image processor and accompanying apps, designed exclusively for 360-degree imaging featuring six lenses at Computex Taipei 2018. The revolutionary processor not only enables six Big-Pixel sensors, but also delivers functions that are tailor-made for 360-degree cameras, including in-camera stitching, 4K2K image quality as well as real-time live streaming and Internet sharing. Together, the accompanying apps and the brand new spherical image processor have achieved seamless integration of hardware and software systems. This powerful combination is expected to disrupt the 360-degree imaging software and hardware markets, starting a new wave of SoC system solutions around the world.

Come to our booth at Computex Taipei 2018, June 5-9, to experience ASPEED's cutting-edge products (Booth No. L1032; 4F, Hall 1, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center).

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