Premium levels of efficiency, comfort and performance for light-commercial air conditioning

Toshiba launch new A+++ rated R32 Super Digital Inverter outdoor unit

-Toshiba Super Digital Inverter R32_Outdoor unit_2HP model

Toshiba’s new generation Super Digital Inverter (SDI) is A+++ rated for light-commercial air conditioning. With low global warming potential R32 refrigerant, the Japanese manufactured unit features a totally new chassis design with new high efficiency heat exchanger and highly efficient DC fan motor. These enhancements combine with Toshiba’s advanced DC twin-rotary compressor and vector-controlled inverter technology to offer premium levels of efficiency and comfort anytime from -27 °C to +52 °C outdoor temperature. With industry leading SEER & SCOP and an impressive return on investment, the new SDI is available in 1ph configuration in 5.0 – 6.7 – 10.0 and 12.0 kW, capacity ratings. The unit is easily adapted to a wide range of installations and is complemented with a new 4-Way Smart Cassette indoor unit and a new remote controller that when used together offer innovative features including energy monitoring.

Toshiba’s SDI is the new premium flagship model for small shops, offices and restaurants that builds upon previous generation outdoor units, raising the bar with industry leading SEER ratings up to 9.40 and SCOP to 5.51 for the 3 HP unit. To achieve this high level of efficiency Toshiba is using the latest generation inverter to precisely control every parameter and provide smooth regulation in any conditions without waste of energy. Also contributing to the high system efficiency, standby power consumption has been reduced by 50%. With the ability to operate down to a 10% load, users can expect important savings in milder mid-seasons where full capacity heating or cooling is not required. Toshiba estimates that full-load air-conditioning is required only for 5% of all operational time, whereas part-load use is by-far more prevalent. Furthermore with no energy-depleting on/off switching as well as efficient, smooth and precise heating or cooling at moderate fan speeds, the SDI consumes much less energy - for an overall ROI which far outstrips lower priced and energy wasteful alternatives.

Toshiba has successfully manufactured R32 refrigerant systems in Japan since 2014. This means a proven technology for the new outdoor unit. With similar operational, safety and equipment requirements as R410A but with up to 14% reduction in refrigerant charge, the SDI offers a 70% reduction in equivalent CO2 emissions. Thanks to the considerably lowered GWP, the environmentally oriented outdoor unit provides a significantly improved offer for the customer and a zero change commissioning effort for the installer. The SDI can be equally used for new installations or as part of energy efficient and eco-friendly upgrades, or complete cost-effective replacements for old and outdated air conditioning systems (old R22, R407C, and R410A pipes can be reused). For maximum installation flexibility the indoor units are compatible with R32 as well as R410A refrigerant.

The scope and flexibility for installation is also made more straightforward with the SDI’s ability for single- or twin-split configuration with indoor 4-way cassettes ceiling, high wall,, slim duct  & concealed ducts. With a generous pipe length of 75 metres and installed height up to 30 metres, the SDI truly adapts to all types of project demands for optimal air-to-air circulation efficiency.

Toshiba has also launched its new 4-Way Smart Cassette that harnesses the advanced features of the SDI and offers improved operation, plus increased efficiency and comfort that will greatly benefit commercial and retail installations. Its many new design features include an efficiency-optimised DC fan motor, enlarged vents with a new flap shape and an improved heat exchanger design that all contribute to the market leading SEER and SCOP ratings with the SDI.

With four models that match the SDI, heating capacity is up to 14 kW and cooling capability to 12.5 kW for the largest unit (in combination with 5 HP SDI outside unit). The heat exchanger module features a ‘magic coil’ which prevents dirt and oil adhering to its surface, and a self-clean operation inhibits dust and mould accumulation over time. The cassettes’ flat design and elegant appearance will complement any decorative style. Individual and directional louvre control plus an optional occupancy sensor help to optimise air diffusion and cut wasteful energy usage.

The new remote controller for the SDI has been updated for optimal use enabling installers and users to realise enhanced performance levels, minimise energy wastage and monitor system reliability. As well as flexible date, time and comfort settings in multiple languages, the controller also has the capability to track and compare energy consumption day by day or months by months and reports a first-level predictive maintenance function for leak detection.

-Toshiba Super Digital Inverter R32 Outdoor unit 4-5HP models

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