SGD Pharma introduces Clareo, its new premium range of molded glass vials in Type II, for injectable solutions.

Clareo vials from SGD Pharma offer a combination of homogeneous wall thickness and superior cosmetic quality, which for molded glass Type II is unique in the market. The new range offers technical characteristics similar to the vials in the existing range and can replace them without any regulatory change. Once again, SGD Pharma demonstrates with Clareo its expertise in the control of manufacturing process of molded glass.


Energies with Ventusolar Global Capital as Investment Advisor

LRI Group, the leading independent investment services company, has partnered with Ventusolar Global Capital GmbH (VCG), a specialist in Renewable Energy investments, to launch two Reserved Alternative Investment Funds (RAIF), with a geographical focus on Canada, the US and Europe



Worcester, UK, January 15, 2018 — Southco has expanded its successful line of rotary latching solutions with the addition of a stainless steel version of its popular R4-30 series. Constructed of high-strength, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the R4-30 Two-Stage Rotary Latch features a two-stage design that prevents false latching conditions in heavy duty enclosure applications.

EMF Motor

The quantum leap with EMF Motor

Twenty years ago, this Engineer co-developed a new concept of electric motor, which was supposed to be far superior to the traditional motor. The synchronous torque motor should achieve a much higher torque at low speeds and thus be more efficient than traditional motors. If the best German manufacturer in this industry achieves an efficiency of 76 percent, then the EMF motor is 94 percent - "a quantum leap," says Prokopp confidently. At the same time half of the costs are saved!


Danone Waters optimises handling on the loading platforms at its EVIAN® plant

January 15, 2018, Sant'Antonino, Switzerland. Danone Waters has opted to make handling pallets of Evian water on platforms —before they are loaded onto trains— safer and more streamlined, using Interroll heavy-duty gravity conveyors.


Taking the plunge: selecting the correct plunger type for work holding system design

Machinery and capital equipment are playing an increasingly more important role in today’s engineering industry, as businesses seek faster production methods, which accelerate times to market and improve efficiency. Having access to a stable and reliable workstation is one way that engineering companies can ensure more consistent seamless production times. As a result, engineers are seeking out tools which are more dependable, economical, and easy to use when developing work holding solutions. Marcus Schneck, CEO at norelem UK, looks at the vital role that plungers are playing in making these fixtures and systems more effective and reliable.


Kneron launches Real Facial Recognition Solutions to unlock entry level and mid-range smartphones

Taipei, Jan 10, 2018 — Kneron, a leading provider of edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, today launched its Real Facial Recognition solutions to unlock entry level and mid-range smartphones. As long as a smartphone has a front camera1, through Kneron’s facial recognition software with deep learning technology, it can not only accurately recognize people’s facial features, but also determine whether the face is real or not. It can rule out the risk of using photos and videos to unlock a smartphone within 0.2 seconds, with less than 0.0001 error rate2. Additionally, one device can recognize several faces. Kneron’s Real Facial Recognition solutions have been adopted by smartphone manufacturers and will be marketed worldwide through its partner GMobi.

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