Panel Express, the new and flexible HMI/SCADA from Advantech

September 2015 – The latest in the Advantech family is an application-ready solution that brings together a rugged hardware platform (a Panel PC or an embedded fanless PC), and a user-friendly HMI interface. Panel Express is the perfect one-stop solution for all customers that are looking for a unique supplier providing efficient, integrated solutions to support various demanding tasks in harsh and industrial environments, where ruggedness is the key feature.

Morgan Advanced Materials

Morgan launches brush gear upgrade for Vestas wind turbines

Morgan Advanced Materials has further enhanced its range of market-leading products for the wind energy sector with the addition of a new brush gear for users of Vestas V52 to V80 series wind turbines.

NORD Drivesystems

New heart beating in all NORD inverters

Bargteheide – In a design change implemented from October 1, 2015, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS will equip all motor-mounted and cabinet-installed frequency inverters with new, more versatile microcontrollers and a new firmware. Notably, this architectural upgrade enables the inverters originally designed for asynchronous motors to also control synchronous motors, which is becoming increasingly important particularly with the advent of IE4 efficiency motors. Highly dynamic drive tasks can now be executed even without encoder feedback. There are substantial benefits: for instance, customers who have been using IE3 motors with an encoder can save energy and costs by switching to IE4 motors without an encoder. Moreover, new generation NORD inverters are capable of performing drive-related PLC functions, which can significantly relieve external controllers. In some cases, previously used mini-controllers may even become redundant and be completely omitted. The inverters support the manufacturer-independent PLCopen function blocks for motion control. They can be freely programmed according to IEC 61131-3 in “Structured Text” or “Instruction List”. This makes application development less complex and reduces the associated costs. Customer-specific drive-related functions can be implemented by means of the inverter PLC without an application-specific firmware and free from cost-intensive verification and validation.


A steel processing plant has converter’s main bearings replaced with special NSK split spherical roller bearings

NSK has successfully replaced one-piece spherical roller bearings with specially-manufactured split bearings in the converter of a European stainless steel plant. Demonstrating utmost precision and care, this challenging service task was completed in just three days.


Valve Doctors® provide bespoke solution to increase power generation at nuclear plant

When the engineers at Exelon's Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station (PBAPS), located in Pennsylvania, had to upgrade the facility's residual heat removal (RHR) system, they called upon the expertise of IMI Critical Engineering, a leading global provider of flow control solutions. The result was a bespoke solution and customised testing programme that have complied with very demanding specifications to ensure efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance.



Twinsburg, Ohio – Aug. 28, 2015 – Pepperl+Fuchs, a world leader in process automation and applications, has acquired MACTek Corporation, a leading provider of HART protocol devices. The move is part of Pepperl+Fuch’s strategy to further extend its integrated solutions offerings and strengthen its position in the WirelessHART market.


The stiffness of Rack-and-Pinion axis Drive, the key factor for the world class machine-tools builders

To keep total control on their drives systems is one of the most critical points to ensure the performance of the most modern machine tools at their highest level. These drives, either linear or rotary, are the ones which make possible to position the tool and/or the workpieces quickly, accurately, and under control. The mechanisms which compose these systems of drive are generally classified according to their capacities of speed and acceleration, to the power which they are able to transmit, to their precision of movement, to their stiffness, their dimensions, and their reliability.


Knowledge is the key to solution The new KOLLMORGEN catalog offers huge flexibility

Integrated solutions are now the benchmark for drive and control technology in machine and plant engineering. As a result, product documentation and sales literature are increasingly focused on solution packages. The latest catalog goes far beyond a simple guide for selecting individual products. The latest edition "KOLLMORGEN - Motion Control and Drive Solutions" complete catalog, covering over 100 product and solution ideas, is available to download from the website.

Aavid Thermalloy

New! HDDC: a High Density Die Casting process for high thermal performance aluminium heat sinks and liquid cold plates from Aavid Thermalloy

Thermal management applications such as heat sinks, electronics enclosures, leak tight liquid cold plates etc. require characteristics such as high thermal conductivity, low porosity, leak tightness, and the ability to fabricate thin walls and tall fins.


NSK bearings save €11,500 a year in MRO activities

The replacement of ball bearings is part of typical maintenance schedules when it comes to electric motors. However, when a German MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) provider was tasked recently with performing regular overhauls of electric drives for a prominent customer, a frequently recurring problem was noted: newly installed standard bearings would fail after three or four months.

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