Keyence UK

VHX-5000 – New Digital Microscope Eliminates Need for Focus Adjustment

The latest microscope from KEYENCE revolutionises how imaging and analysis are performed. By integrating the most recent advancements in optical and digital technologies, the VHX-5000 Digital Microscope is able to instantly capture any area in complete focus – without the need for the user to adjust focus. The VHX Series was designed to overcome the limitations of traditional optical microscopes by providing high-resolution, large depth-of-field imaging and integrated 2D/3D measurement in a system that anyone can easily pick up and operate without any specialised training.


Advantage set under Wimbledon roof

Datapaq measures floodlight temperatures Cambridge, UK – When the sun comes out on a rainy Wimbledon match day, the roof over Centre Court can be retracted, but only after the floodlights have cooled down sufficiently. This is a safety requirement as well as an aesthetic one, as the 1,000 W floodlights are mounted directly on the roof beams and the fabric comes close to this heat source when the roof is retracted.

Keyence France

Keyence's new VHX-5000 digital microscope sets a new standard in processing speed

Keyence's latest product represents a technological leap. It is the first digital microscope with a CMOS camera. Already a very fast technology, CMOS has been optimised by Keyence to achieve the same image quality as that achievable with CCD cameras. It helps to increase processing speeds by a ratio of 5 to 10. All the image-processing capacities that have made the VHX Series a success are virtually instantaneous.

HMS Industrial Networks AB

One Ethernet hardware – any industrial Ethernet network

New Ethernet solution from HMS Industrial Networks makes it possible for device manufacturers to download the industrial Ethernet protocol of choice to standardized Ethernet hardware from HMS.


Aluminum bronze

FRW Carobronze, a distributor specialised in special bronze alloys with high technical characteristics for machine shops, now offers the broadest range of extruded, drawn and forged aluminum bronze stock: CuAl10Ni5Fe4; CuAl9Ni5Fe4/CuAl9Ni3Fe2/CuAl11Ni6Fe6; C63000 and C63020. Its custom-shaped round, square, flat or tubular stock complies with all European and American military, aerospace and civilian standards (EN 12163/67, EN 12420, NFA, GAM, STF [DCNS], ASTM B150, AMS 4640, NFL, DIN, etc.). Most of its products are in stock or are available within one week, and all are delivered anywhere in the world within 48 hours. No other company in Europe offers such a range of copper-aluminium-alloy stock that complies with as many standards and is available or manufactured to order within four weeks maximum.

NORD Drivesystems

Rising to the occasion: Customized solution for crane drive synchronization

What to do when the crane of your choice is no longer available? An Australian provider of overhead cranes fulfills all customer needs, even when the parameters are very particular. For this application, the challenge was to synchronize a new bridge crane with two existing ones. The German manufacturer NORD DRIVESYSTEMS configured the drives keeping in mind the end-users budgetary requirements.


2014: DIRIS Digiware sparks a revolution in electrical measurement

Twenty years after shaking up the electrical measurement market with the DIRIS system, the first multi-measurement solution, SOCOMEC is once again leading the way with its latest technological innovation: DIRIS Digiware, a totally modular and flexible energy measurement and monitoring system


Valve and flap monitoring

Position switch with analogue output for extreme environments

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