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SANY crawler crane plays key role in Indonesia’s Becakayu toll road project

On October 5th, an SCC8000A crawler crane completed the installation for the first piece of girder above the main trunk road of JL. A. Yali in Bekasi, a city 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Indonesia’s capital of Jakarta.

SANY crawler crane plays key role in Indonesia’s Becakayu toll road project

This was a major milestone marking good progress in one of Indonesia’s key national projects, the 20-km Becakayu Toll Road, which will connect the three cities of Bekasi, Cawang, and Kampung Melayu.

The SANY SCC8000A crawler crane, with a 12 m superlift in HJDB working condition, has been undertaking the main hoisting work at the 2A-Ujung section of the Becakayu Toll Road, throughout which it has demonstrated operational smoothness and precision.

Because the operation took place at the main trunk road of the city, temporary traffic controls were imposed, and therefore, strict accuracy and efficiency thresholds were set for the crane due to the tight time schedule. For emergency response, SANY’s service engineers were on 24-hour standby until the girder was successfully put in place.

In the earlier phases of the project in years past, German hoisting machinery was used to carry out the hoisting operations. But with the solid, time-tested performance of SANY’s equipment surfacing to the forefront, SANY’s equipment received approval to finish the job.


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