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First Metro Line in Suzhou rolls on, thanks in part to ProSoft Technology’s modules by Victor Garcia

Picturesque gardens dot the city of Suzhou, in eastern China’s Jiangsu province. Some of these gardens, known as the Classical Gardens of Suzhou, date back as far as the 11th century, and were designed by some of China’s renowned scholars. Nearby, numerous canals crisscross the city that is known as the Venice of the East. Forty-two percent of the city is covered in water through its canals and waterways.

HMS Industrial Networks AB

HMS delivers the 3,000,000th Anybus module to Bosch Rexroth

HMS Industrial Networks has shipped its three millionth Anybus module to Bosch Rexroth. Bosch Rexroth uses Anybus modules mainly to connect welding and tightening controllers to the various control systems used in automation technology.


CuNi14Al2 copper alloys and high-strength CuZn19Al6 and CuZn23Al4 brass

FRW CAROBRONZE, a dealer specializing in special bronze alloys with advanced technical properties for manufacturers, has expanded its line of highly specialized copper alloys with forged or extruded CuNi14Al2 (UN14A2) and forged or extruded high-strength bronzes CuZn19Al6 (UZ19A6) and CuZn23Al4 (UZ23A4). These alloys are in stock in the form of round bars. The high-strength brass can be forged upon request into square or flattened bars. These copper alloys are sold in accordance with aeronautical (NFL14702, NFL14707, NFL14708) and military standards (GAM MM11,GAM MM13). CuNi14Al2 can also be offered according to DIN 2.1504. CuZn19Al6 and CuZn23Al4 can also be produced by continuous casting according to GAM MM12, NFA53703, EN1982 or ASTM B505.


Now including color inspection – new VeriSens vision sensors with Color FEX. New expansion to proven VeriSens series allows easier color detection and inspection in various applications

Baumer has expanded its VeriSens XC series vision sensor portfolio to include models capable of color identification and inspection. Setup is remarkably simple and reliable with the new Color FEX assistant. The new VGA and 1.2 megapixel models are ideally-suited for automation tasks in packaging, pick and pack, assembly monitoring, product encoding and quality assurance applications.

HMS Industrial Networks AB

HMS development centers in Germany, Sweden and the U.S. to increase focus on customized industrial communication solutions

HMS Industrial Networks now announces an initiative to increase focus on tailor-made solutions for industrial communication. Local development centers around the world will help customers to get customized solutions for their specific needs within industrial network connectivity, machine communication, wireless solutions, integrated safety and remote management etc.

SOURIAU – SUNBANK Connection Technologies

Esterline Connection Technologies provides reliable connectors for the revolutionary Rosetta space mission

SOURIAU, part of Esterline Connection Technologies, is honored to have served as a trusted collaborator to the ESA (European Space Agency) and CNES (French Space Agency) by supplying interconnection components 15 years ago for the Rosetta space mission. The firm supplied various types of connectors for the flight model and is proud to have contributed to this unprecedented ESA success.


Next-generation capping heads The new ROBA®-capping head for filling plants – almost wear and maintenance-free

The rustproof ROBA®-capping head with their continuous, impact-free torque, apply screw caps made of plastic with a maximum of precision and repetitive accuracy. mayr® power transmission has now developed a new, extremely wear-resistant and almost maintenance-free generation of capping heads – for minimum downtimes and maximum plant availability.

Morgan Advanced Materials


Zurich's public transport system is the envy of the world, with an unrivalled reputation for performance. So when the city's Cobra trams began to suffer bearing damage, resulting in high levels of noise and the danger that failure could compromise system efficiency, it was clear that something had to be done – and it was Morgan Advanced Materials that supplied the solution.

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