When designing for interior access and positioning applications in aircraft, design engineers must choose mechanisms that meet styling and enhanced functionality demands, satisfy global industry standards, allow for total access flexibility, and provide a quality experience for the end user. The following focuses on key access and positioning applications in aircraft interiors and highlights examples of prime latching systems and positioning technology solutions, featuring products and systems offered by Southco as examples. Multipoint Systems


Slim cooling fans for mobile applications

As smart phones, tablets and all mobile devices are becoming slimmer, Sunon is providing a full range of 2mm thickness or below cooling fans.


Emerson variable speed solutions enhance beam pumps in artificial lift process

Emerson Industrial Automation’s latest solutions, such as the Powerdrive FX four-quadrant drive in combination with an LSRPM synchronous magnet-type motor from the company’s Dyneo® range, are now delivering priceless advantages to increasing numbers of wells using beam pumps (RRP, reciprocating rod pumps).


(Re)Launch: New EPLAN Data Portal

An integrated 3D viewer, a new surface with manufacturer logos in the grid, additional manufacturers and updated component catalogues: The Eplan Data Portal will be available as of August 2014 in a new version that provides users with significant functional advantages and, since it now contains 470,000 components, also features 20% more device data.


VERLINDE hoists equip a new train maintenance center in Spain

Grupo JPG, a local integrator of VERLINDE hoists and crane components, has equipped the CISF (Centro Integral de Sistemas Ferroviarios), a new 20000 square meter maintenance area for the company ADIF, (Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias) with overhead cranes. In the context of a global standardization of train speeds and power supplies, the cranes will be used to lift the train power and motorization equipment.


Cutting-edge laser machining. Latest machine-generation with cost-efficient mechanical transmission designs

Based in Chennai, Proteck was established over twenty five years ago and is now one of India’s leading production machinery suppliers; distributing, supplying and manufacturing a wide range of printing machinery, machine tools, metal cutting & forming equipment and CAD/CAM software throughout its home market and in more than 20 countries world-wide. Its manufacturing subsidiary, Proteck Precision has a young, dynamic and highly qualified engineering work-force that develops and produces exciting new economy solutions for the fast growing Indian manufacturing industries as well as providing competitively priced machinery that is exported beyond Asia. The technology driven company has styled its production, quality control and engineering logistics departments on a European model and has two very modern manufacturing facilities in Chennai complete with state-of-theart CAD/CAM, MRP systems and the latest ISO accreditations.


Bourdon by Baumer: Comeback relaunch in Southeast Asia

Baumer revives the "Original Bourdon" in Southeast Asia. Mechanical pressure gauges using cutting-edge Baumer technology are making a comeback in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines which are historically important markets for the "Bourdon tube”

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