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With the rise and rise of e-commerce, the retail landscape has seen enormous change for both consumers and retailers in recent years. With double-digit growth year on year, there can be little doubt as to the growing importance of shopping online. In the same way that shopping online satisfies a growing demand for speed and convenience, the way goods are delivered and received has also evolved to reflect ever-changing consumer tastes.

3M Gas & Flame Detection Oldham

New CO2 detector in the OLCT 10N line

Oldham is pleased to announce the launch of the OLCT 10N CO2 detector


Changing CAEs led to major workflow improvements

How EPLAN streamlined order fulfillment Manufacturers upgrading to an advanced, database-centric electrical CAE like EPLAN can reap important strategic benefits over and above making their engineers more productive.


MEIJE installs VERLINDE EUROBLOC VT hoists for the renovation of 6 EDF hydroelectric dams on the River Maulde.

There are some 2,250 hydroelectric installations of various sizes in Metropolitan France whose power varies from 1,000 watts to several hundred megawatts. 436 of them are operated by EDF. Out of the total installed capacity of 25.4 gigawatts nationwide, EDF produces no less than 20 gigawatts or 13% of the company's total energy production.

NORD Drivesystems

Resilient, seawater-resistant drive systems for seafood factory conveyors

Mussels, clams, oysters and other shellfish must be served fresh and remain alive until the very moment they are cooked. Hence, factories specializing in these delicacies tend to keep fresh catches submerged in salt water before they are processed. In such facilities, all machinery used for cleaning, sorting, and packaging shellfish products is inevitably exposed to the seawater-infused environment. An aggressive atmosphere like that takes a heavy toll e.g. on regular conveyor drives. However, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has recently introduced an innovative surface treatment to toughen drives for just such areas of operation.


Progress through growth. KOLLMORGEN enhances its presence

Istanbul / Ratingen, May 2015 - All things seem possible in May: Kollmorgen announces its new location in Istanbul. Kollmorgen’s strong growth in the Turkish market has necessitated a new facility which offers 1,000 square meters of usable floor space to enable further development. Managing Director, Evren Kayakiran, is pleased to announce, “We have created an attractive space for new employees and fresh automation ideas.“


Rigid, harsh washdown resistant tags & safety signs

Brady’s Rigid ToughWash Signs & Tags remain legible and intact even after repeated harsh wash downs. Made from a patent-pending plastic encapsulated process, they continuously communicate lean or safety messages to keep a facility visually safe, productive and compliant, even in extreme conditions.

Delphin Technology AG

Expert Logger – the latest generation of stand alone data loggers

With its Expert Logger, Delphin Technology AG introduces a new generation of data loggers that combine the latest communication technology with advanced measurement technology. The device is being launched in three versions, capable of processing 16, 32 or 46 analog input channels. Up to 8 digital inputs/outputs and one SDI12 interface are also available depending on the version. The main areas of application include product testing, environmental measurement technology, laboratory data acquisition, research and development, and trials and testing.

Keyence America

Tata Steel uses Keyence sensors for high-accuracy dimensional inspections of its rails

Tata Steel Europe (whose former name was Corus) is the second largest steel producer in Europe. The parent company, Tata Steel is one of the top ten steel producers in the world. The total capacity of crude steel Group, which employs about 80,000 people on four continents, is over 28 million tons. Tata Steel Rail Division France has 508 people for a production of 456,000 tons of rails and sleepers in 2009. This division has over 150 years of experience in the rail. The products are designed for high-speed lines, conventional networks, heavily loaded routes, metro and urban tramways.

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