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ABB’s Sensi+™ natural gas analyzer is recognized as China's most innovative automation product

Sensi+™ is an essential tool for custody transfer, tariff compliance, and process monitoring, ensuring the safety of natural gas pipelines and storage facilities.

ABB’s Sensi+™ natural gas analyzer is recognized as China's most innovative automation product
ABB’s Sensi+™ natural gas analyzer has been awarded “Most competitive innovation product” at the 19th China Automation Industry Awards, held as part of the 2024 China Automation Industry Annual Conference. After more than three months of industry recommendations, expert reviews, and online voting, Sensi+ was recognized for innovation in technology, and for high performance, ease of operations and maintenance.

ABB’s Sensi+ is an innovative sensor that measures natural gas quality through a single device for continuous and simultaneous monitoring of impurities such as hydrogen sulfide, water, and carbon dioxide, eliminating the need for multiple analyzers, multiple maintenance schedules, and reducing hours of operator training and services. It is essential in custody transfer, tariff compliance, and process monitoring, and ensures the safety of pipelines and storage facilities.

“This is an important recognition because ABB’s Sensi+ is an ideal solution for the monitoring of natural gas quality in China,” said Susan Pan, Head of ABB Measurement & Analytics, China. “Accurate analysis of natural gas quality is important for decision-making in the production, transportation, and use of natural gas and ABB is here to support the natural gas industry in China to do this in an efficient, compliant and safe way.”

Designed for remote and hazardous locations, Sensi+ uses ABB’s mature laser-based sensor technology (OA-ICOS™ or Off-axis Integrated Cavity Output Spectroscopy) that is proven to virtually eliminate false readings and provides rapid response (within seconds) for reliable process control and safety. It is easy to install and maintain and offers self-diagnosis and health monitoring functions.

According to the Energy and Environmental Policy Research Center of Beijing Institute of Technology, natural gas consumption in China in 2023 was approximately 375 billion cubic meters. The expected consumption in 2024 is 385-390 billion cubic meters (a year-on-year increase of 4 percent), mainly driven by urban gas and electricity consumption. Over the next three years, natural gas demand is expected to grow steadily, with a compound annual growth rate of 6-8 percent.

China's natural gas sources are complex, with large volumes being transported over long distances. Accurate analysis of natural gas quality is important for decision-making at every stage of the process, ensuring that the transported natural gas maintains effective combustible components while keeping in check pipeline corrosion, environmental pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions.

The 2024 China Automation Industry Annual Conference and the 19th China Automation Industry Century Awards are an annual event in the automation industry, hosted by the Chinese Association of Automation, co-organized by the China Instrument and Control Industry Association, the National Technical Committee for Mechanical Safety Standardization, and the National Technical Committee for Industrial Process Measurement Control and Automation Standardization, and undertaken by ControlNet, Automation Expo and OICT Academy. The event aims to present and commend individuals, teams, and enterprises that have made significant contributions to the development of China's automation industry, showcase innovative automation products, put the spotlight on successful industry solutions and application cases, and demonstrate the continuous progress of China's automation industry over the past year.

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