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GATX Rail Europe Introducing QR Codes and Enhanced Factsheets

QR codes on our GATX railcars and revamped factsheets for easy access to the railcar information you need, from anywhere.

GATX Rail Europe Introducing QR Codes and Enhanced Factsheets

QR codes have become omnipresent in our lives, and now they’re making railcar handling easier. Every GATX railcar type will be equipped with a QR code. Whether you’re just curious to learn or searching for useful information on how to handle the railcar, we’ve got you covered. Scanning these codes offers a seamless way for our customers, our maintenance network, and our staff to retrieve railcar data on-the-go, when and where it is needed. From technical specifications to loading schemes, training videos to safety guidelines for loading/unloading, the wealth of information at your fingertips helps ensure smoother operations and informed decision-making. Elisabeth Jilli, Head of Sales and Service adds, “Our goal is to make railcar leasing as effortless as possible for our customers. With QR codes, we’re simplifying access to crucial railcar information, enhancing handling, and ultimately, elevating the overall leasing experience.”

Enhanced Factsheets for Greater Clarity
Building upon the convenience of QR codes, GATX has revamped its factsheets to offer unparalleled clarity and accessibility. Designed for optimal viewing on screens, these new factsheets provide a comprehensive overview of each railcar’s specifications. From dimensions to load capacities, every detail is presented in a clear, user-friendly format. Additionally, we’re committed to inclusivity by offering factsheets in multiple languages, starting with English, and eventually expanding to include German, French, and Polish. The inclusion of QR codes on each factsheet further facilitates seamless navigation to our website for additional resources and support. You can access the railcar factsheets for each railcar type here.


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