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Pilz at SPS smart production solutions 2023 - Looking at the new Machinery Regulation - Safety & Security in Transformation

How can we safely overcome the challenges of digital transformation? At the exhibition SPS smart production solutions (14 - 16 November 2023 in Nuremberg), the automation company Pilz will be showing technologies and solutions that make machinery Safe and Secure.

Pilz at SPS smart production solutions 2023 - Looking at the new Machinery Regulation - Safety & Security in Transformation

Taking centre stage will be Identification and Access Management (I.A.M.) and the application firewall SecurityBridge. There will also be a focus on safety gate systems, plus connectivity with IO-Link Safety and Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE = FailSafe over EtherCAT). In the expert panel, live on the exhibition stand, specialists from Pilz will explain the new technological and normative developments in Safety and Security, as well as the effects of the new Machinery Regulation.

“Digital transformation demands a review of the Safety of plant and machinery. Security becomes a critical success factor. That involves changes at both a technical and normative level. At SPS, we’ll show our customers how we can shape this change together”, says Susanne Kunschert, Managing Partner, Pilz GmbH & Co. KG.

In modern industrial environments, Safety and Security are a basic requirement for efficient workflows and processes. At the exhibition, Pilz will be showing solutions that machine builders and operators can use to guarantee the protection of human, machine and the environment.

Identification and Access Management – Safely manage access and permissions
With Identification and Access Management, I.A.M. for short, Pilz supplies answers to the question of who has which permissions on a plant or machine. At SPS, Pilz will present its comprehensive range in this area: from user authentication to operating mode selection or data and network security to access management. Thus, for digital transformation, Pilz offers Safety and Security in one system!

At the exhibition Pilz will also be showing its application firewall SecurityBridge, which protects control networks from manipulation due to unauthorised access. It monitors the data traffic between the PC and controller and reports any unauthorised changes to the control project. This guarantees a high level of product safety

Individual solutions for safety gates
Safety gates play a key role when it comes to physical access to the machine. At SPS, Pilz will showing innovations that allow individual requirements to be implemented in a way that’s user friendly, while still complying with the standards. Two new safety locking devices expand the range: With its compact design, PSENmlock mini is not only ideal for space-critical applications such as flaps or covers, but also offers a safe holding force (FZH) of 1,950 N.

Thanks to protection type IP 67 / IP 6K9K, PSENslock 2 guarantees secure safety gate monitoring, even under rugged conditions. The new developments include a latching force that can be set individually via RFID tag, plus serial diagnostics, which save costs and time during installation and maintenance, as well as increasing availability.

Systemised connectivity
Connectivity must be easy to implement: With IO-Link Safety, the first non-proprietary, standardised communication system for functional safety has achieved market maturity. Pilz will present its system solution for IO-Link Safety for the first time in Nuremberg. As one of the first manufacturers, Pilz will be showing a complete solution comprising Master, field devices and compatible accessories. The one-shop system solution simplifies application and provides an ideal start to IO-Link Safety technology, as well as being the perfect supplement for existing IO-Link products.

Pilz also uses an automation solution with the Safety over EtherCAT protocol. Thanks to the new FSoE communication module, in future the safe small controller PNOZmulti 2 can communicate as FSoE Master with the safe radar sensor PSENradar and PMC safe drive technology – both with FSoE functionality.

Expert knowledge for Safety and Security
Following publication of the new Machinery Regulation, there are increasing questions regarding what this will mean in practice for design engineers and those placing machinery on the market, and the influence Security will have in future on the safety-related assessment of machinery. Experts from Pilz will shed light on these and other new developments in standards and technology at the expert panel on the automation company’s stand. On all three days of the exhibition, Pilz offers a wide-ranging programme of presentations on Safety and Security.

Innovations for safe intralogistics
A further focus for Pilz is solutions in the field of intralogistics and automated guided vehicle systems (AGVS). Pilz will use a model of an automated guided vehicle to illustrate how they can be provided with comprehensive protection. In Nuremberg, Pilz will be focusing on a comprehensive safety solution for freely navigating mobile platforms, consisting of the safe small controller PNOZmulti 2 with new functions for synchronisation monitoring and dynamic zone switching, safety laser scanners PSENscan for productive area monitoring, and various signal devices.

Also on the Pilz stand, the Stuttgart start-up NAiSE will be presenting its traffic and order management software, for all participants in intralogistics. Thanks to precise, real-time localisation, NAiSE Traffic can be used for the efficient implementation of AGVS applications.

75 years of Pilz – We are celebrating our anniversary!
In 2023 the automation company is celebrating its 75th birthday. “Pilz has continuously changed. One thing common across all times of transformation is joy in innovation. At SPS 2023 we want people to experience this joy,” Kunschert adds.

Not only can visitors to SPS 2023 get information about the latest innovations, but they can also discover the milestones Pilz has set throughout the company’s history.

Pilz is exhibiting in Hall 9, Stand 370. Further information on our exhibition presence online at: https://www.pilz.com/en-INT/sps


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