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50% battle won once we started using NORD Gear box – HLE Engineers

HLE, one of the largest manufacturers of filtration and drying equipment across the globe with a CAGR of 25%, established in the year 1981. Initially the company was formed to cater their own engineering needs of the fast growing “Patel Group” chemical companies. After 1995, with a rich experience in the chemical industry they started supplying Filters & Dryers to customers across India & few years later across

50% battle won once we started using NORD Gear box – HLE Engineers
Illustration 1: Himanshu Patel, Managing Director & Owner of HLE Engineers

Mr. Himanshu Patel, Managing Director & Owner of HLE says, “We specialize in exotic metal equipments and since we have experience of making apparatus for our own use, we have deep rooted knowledge of making various equipments used in process vessel industries. In India during early 90s, there was a huge need of filters & dryers and HLE was the only company started making related equipments on their own when every other company were doing it by collaborating with some foreign parties. Also before offering it to customers, we established a pilot plant for testing, research & developments.

Trouble free solution from NORD
The customer was looking for a reliable solution to resolve their problem of regular gear box failure, matainance, oil leakages etc. After identifying NORD, the customer asked NORD to perform a test at their plant. In 1998, HLE bought the first gear box from NORD & that gear box is still running successfully, brings out its remarkable performance. Thats how we started business with NORD & never looked for another supplier since then.

Added benefits from NORD
Many benefits of NORD products contributed to the success of the application. In particular, custom-made efficient gear box in terms of both design and calculations. NORD’s services are available at all times, and all the obstacles which have arisen during the course of the project were resolved by NORD.’

The demanding specifications of this application and the high-end performance of NORD products also were of vital importance. This level of service and performance has been duly appreciated by the end customer, who, according to HLE, is very satisfied.

In process vessel equipements, drives are very important. With NORD Drives, we have won our 50% battle & rest 50% were taken care by our equipments.

50% battle won once we started using NORD Gear box – HLE Engineers

Illustration 2: NORD Geared Motor ( Blue ) installed in HLE Filter Dryer with Isolator

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