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Portenta C33 is a low-cost, high-performance IoT System-On-Module for professional applications

The Arduino launches Portenta C33 System-on-Module is based on the RA6M5, an Arm® Cortex® M33-based microcontroller from Renesas.

Portenta C33 is a low-cost, high-performance IoT System-On-Module for professional applications

Portenta C33 is the latest addition to Arduino's Portenta family, which is specifically designed to provide a complete and scalable platform for IoT edge devices. Portenta C33 offers a powerful microcontroller, connectivity, and security at a convenient price point, making it ideal for a vast range of applications, such as Edge AI devices, IoT gateways, remote control systems, fleet management and process tracking.

Portenta C33 provides professional developers with a production-ready IoT platform combining the familiar Arduino environment with other high-level languages like MicroPython. The module integrates Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity alongside with a wide variety of peripheral interfaces, including CAN, SAI, SPI and I2C. Furthermore, the RA6M5’s integrated Secure Crypto Engine 9 (SCE9) with secure key storage ensures industrial-grade security at the hardware level and the ability to perform over-the-air firmware updates with Arduino IoT Cloud or other third-party services.

The new module’s form factor is compatible with Portenta and MKR ranges and features castellated pins – friendly for automated SMT assembly on application specific carrier boards.

Portenta C33 can be at the heart of industrial IoT gateways, connecting devices, machines and sensors to collect operation data in real time, and display them on a custom Arduino IoT Cloud dashboard or third-party cloud platforms with end-to-end secure data encryption.

This is also offered by the embedded RA6M5 with Arm® TrustZone® and Renesas’ certified SCE9. For example, data on overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and overall process effectiveness (OPE) can be tracked, monitored and processed; or smart systems can detect anomalies, alert operators about unplanned downtimes, or provide the information for predictive maintenance that ultimately improves production rates. Portenta C33 can also be easily paired with Nicla modules’ smart sensors, to carry out quality assurance controls right on the production line, catching any defects as early as possible.

In factories, offices and residential buildings, Portenta C33 can be deployed to monitor gas, water, electricity and any other utility consumption through a single system. Data can be collected, displayed and processed to pinpoint usage trends in Arduino IoT Cloud charts, providing an overall image for energy management optimization and cost reduction.

Find more information and complete technical specs, please visit: https://www.arduino.cc/pro.


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