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Brand-new bright minds for NORD drive controllers

Integrated basic PLC capability due to faster CPU and firmware upgrades

Brand-new bright minds for NORD drive controllers
Illustration: Highly intelligent family: NORD frequency inverters integrate PLC functions

Bargteheide – Featuring an integrated PLC, frequency inverters from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS combined with geared motors become a full-fledged intelligent system solution. All distributed SK 180E and SK 200E controllers and the cabinet inverters SK 520E and above now offer an integrated PLC. The PLC enables straightforward free programming of drive-related functions according to IEC 61131-3 in “Structured Text” and “Instruction List” using the free-of-charge NORD CON programming and parameterization tool. The intelligent inverters can thereby manage sophisticated tasks such as autonomous process monitoring or dynamic operation without an external controller. This allows for very economically priced solutions. Moreover, these new-generation inverters control a wider range of motors: support for IE4 synchronous motors is currently being tested in the field. In addition to their outstanding functional versatility including position control, the distributed SK 200E units also provide exceptional overload tolerance and are available for a wider power range than usual in this product class – up to 22 kW. The highly compact control cabinet inverters from the SK 500E line will be available up to size 11, with 160 kW rating, later this year.

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