Available now for download: New Eplan Platform 2.4

The new major release of the Eplan Platform is now available. PLC project planning in graphical overviews, sub-projects and new navigation options accelerate project planning, even in large projects. Extended support for IEC 81346 and IEC 61355 through structuring principles and reference designations offers a basis for innovative design methods.

Available now for download: New Eplan Platform 2.4
PLC_Buslayout.jpg: Based on a simple, single-line representation with bus connections, Eplan Electric P8 automatically identifies the bus configuration.

Monheim, 4 September 2014 – The latest release 2.4 of the Eplan Platform is now available for download and, for the first time, also as a 64-bit version. Overall, the CAE system impresses by providing additional opportunities to increase efficiency during the engineering process. The simplified representation of the PLC communication networks makes the documentation and management of PLC structures clearer and also simpler. The sub-project management also enhances the overview. Specific sections can be extracted from a project, individually edited and merged back into a final project. As a result, complete and high-quality documentation is created and users can concentrate specifically on their required tasks. The change protection for areas of the project which have already been approved is another helpful option: This means that any changes made to the objects in those areas are protected. This way, areas which have been fully planned or parts which have already been manufactured cannot be changed inadvertently.

The goal is: Higher data quality

Accurate and predictable data entry can now be achieved throughout the entire platform with user-definable and configurable properties. Users can create default values selection lists for properties. These consistent inputs ensure correct results when filtering reports. Additional check runs have been implemented to check and validate the parts management database to ensure the managed data is accurate, thus enhancing the quality of the part data. This used to be an elaborate manual process – but now the system performs the checks automatically.

Better navigation for maintenance

Navigation through the project has become even easier and faster where all displayed cross-references can now be accessed as a hyperlink. These hyperlinks also get exported to PDF making the PDF a valuable reference for maintenance engineers. This makes it a lot easier for colleagues in maintenance to use the documentation. A new report type for distributed devices will allow users to generate the project information into much easier and simpler report for manufacturing and maintenance. A complete device report is generated where all its data can be displayed – for example placements, function texts or graphic symbols. Placed in the documentation as a report, this function helps, for example during faults, to identify and access a component faster.

Other standards supported

The Eplan Platform supports multiple standards, for instance the IEC 81346; now it is also possible to identify project pages according to IEC 61355. Using this type of identifier allows users to use an object designation when structuring the documentation. A document, i.e. a project page is assigned to a specific object (function, location or product) via the object designation. Users can also use this in conjunction with an interface connected to PLM/PDM or ERP systems.

Available now for download: New Eplan Platform 2.4    

Available now for download: New Eplan Platform 2.4

IEC 61355.jpg and IEC 81346.jpg: The Eplan Platform supports multiple standards, for instance the IEC 81346 as well as the IEC 61355.

Communication in bus structures

Intelligent components such as communicating sensors, configurable drives and programmable actuators with varied communication protocols require clear documen-tation in a bus structure. Therefore, a new and easier way to manage PLC Bus systems was needed and implemented on the basis of simple single line communi-cation network designs: Users can now also integrate other devices such as converters, motors or valves with bus connections into bus systems. Devices with several different bus systems are, as a result, better supported. Additional PLC manufacturers were also added to the list of interface partners for bi-directional data exchange, such as ABB, Mitsubishi and 3S for example.

Customers with software service contracts can download the Eplan Platform 2.4 free of charge via: www.eplan.de/support_eplan

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