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WEG to supply a product package for four biomass thermopower plants in Brazil

Mega project will generate clean energy to the state of Roraima with less dependability on diesel-operated thermal plants in the region.

WEG to supply a product package for four biomass thermopower plants in Brazil

Motors, drives and automation manufacturer, WEG has announced the signing of a contract with OXE Energia. This contains the supply of four complete sets of turbo generators, including logistics, assembly and commissioning services for Bonfim, Pau Rainha, Cantá and Santa Luz biomass thermopower plants, located in the northern state of Roraima.

The contract includes the installation of four reaction and condensation turbines, with two CT model back-side installation uncontrolled outlets, together with four 12.5 MVA, 13.8 kV, 1800 rpm, 60 Hz three-phase synchronous generators, plus the protection and monitoring electrical panels, amounting to approximately R$39 million (approx. USD 7 million).

Installed in two different locations, the power plants will have an individual installed generating capacity of 11.5MW and will use reforested wood chips as biomass, which is highly available in the region. The energy that will be generated was sold by OXE Energia through one of the auctions conducted by the Brazilian National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL).

“This supply not only evidences WEG's successful performance in clean electric power generation projects, but also in strategic initiatives for the sustainable development of different regions in Brazil”, says Paulo Sinoti, Energy Business Director of WEG.

The four thermopower plants are part of the power supply safety plan designed for the State of Roraima, which since 2019, stopped importing energy from Venezuela and started to depend entirely on local diesel-operated thermopower plants. Daily fuel consumption ranges from 700 to 1100 million litres in the whole state of Roraima.

According to ANEEL’s executives, this auction is a historic milestone for Roraima. From June 2021, the state will have reliable electrical service with local generation and the future transmission line connecting Roraima to the National Interconnected System. This will attract industries to the state, providing a better quality of life to the population.

Delivery of the equipment will take place in the first quarter of 2021, with the forecast for the operation and commercialization of energy by June of this year.


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