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elobau opens eloLounge

elobau opens its own virtual showroom, the eloLounge. To mark the opening, the eloLounge Days will take place from 15 June - 17 June. Over the three days, there will be presentations covering the whole elobau world. 100m record holder Julian Reus is also among the speakers.

elobau opens eloLounge

The eloLounge Days will take place from 15 – 17 June. With this free event, elobau opens its virtual showroom, which will remain after the pandemic to combine the benefits of mobile work with the trade fair experience. The supporting programme of the virtual in-house exhibition will include presentations from every aspect of elobau: around the areas of off-​highway, industrial applications, sustainable entrepreneurship and personal development. The showroom is available at the following address: eloLounge.com.

Julian Reus, the German record holder in the 100m sprint, will be a guest speaker alongside elobau’s speakers. His talk “My life under high performance” (only in German) provides an interesting overlap between high-​performance sport and business life. The topic of “Business and Sustainability” is reflected in various presentations. The fact that elobau has built up considerable expertise in this area is proven not least by being awarded the Environmental Award of the State of Baden-Württemberg for industrial companies last December

elobau opens eloLounge
Registration for the lecture programme is on the wall in the entrance area.

“We consciously decided against just replicating our trade fair stand,” explains Managing Director Rüdiger Köhler “Our trade fair stand works well in the context of a trade fair. However, since the trade fair experience as a whole is omitted, our aim was to create a new experience. Whether we succeeded with the combination of architecture, design of the showroom and the lecture programme, however, is for our visitors to decide for themselves.”

Open wood contruction and large window fronts
Rüdiger Köhler is referring to the open wooden construction and the large window fronts, which give the showroom a light and airy feel, which is untypical for a trade fair. For this purpose, the Leutkirch-​based company has embedded the eloLounge in the Allgäu surroundings. In each of the rooms, a seating area invites visitors to join a virtual networking lounge. Here, not only trade fair staff and visitors can come into contact, but showroom visitors will also find an opportunity to network.

elobau opens eloLounge
In the operating systems room, among other things, the Molulare Armrest 225 midi and the adaptive tractor armrest aISA will be presented

Trade fairs are very important to us. Because over the years, these are the regular points of contact where elobau as a company and also our new products become tangible. With the discontinuation of the trade fairs, this point of contact fell away – for us, however, this gave us the opportunity to focus on the development of a virtual platform,” mentions Marnie Röder, Head of Marketing. “However, the opening of the eloLounge does not mark the end of the project. The space will be constantly updated and expanded so that the next version of eloLounge Days will also be a new event.


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