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Momentum wipes canister loader can double throughput speeds

Robinson’s USA team integrates and services wipe line equipment.

Momentum wipes canister loader can double throughput speeds

The demand for disinfectant wipes continues to drive producers to maximize throughput, shining a spotlight on the industry-leading capabilities of the Robinson Momentum wipes canister loader as well as the integration and servicing expertise of our USA-based team.

The Momentum wipes canister loader can fill up to 250 containers per minute, or roughly double the rate of other loaders on the market. Producers are pairing the profit-enhancing capabilities of this technology with additional upstream process automation and complete wipes line integration from Robinson to leverage this market opportunity.

While the drastically increased throughput capabilities of the Momentum wipes canister loader are significant, it is the made-in-America quality and expertise of our Wisconsin workforce that are key differentiators for our customers. You have convenient access to Robinson service crews and integration experts based right in the USA.

The wipes canister loader is just part of a complete wipes line
Robinson has the internal resources to provide a full, turnkey wipes line that includes everything from rolls exiting the winders to canister loaders and palletizers. Unlike our competition, we are able to perform every step of the manufacturing process, integration, and long-term service.

Our technicians can integrate equipment and software customizations for assets such as the Momentum wipes canister loader with your existing line. This level of versatility minimizes downtime and provides you with growth opportunities that keep pace with demand.

Give us a call to learn how the Momentum wipes canister loader can easily integrate with your existing wipes line. You can also visit our booth in person at the World of Wipes (WOW®) 2021 International Conference.


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