Independent power supply for more comfort on the road

Bosch Engineering and Knaus Tabbert present smart 48V electrical system for caravan owners at the Caravan Salon 2019 in Düsseldorf.

Independent power supply for more comfort on the road
  • Smart energy generation via recuperation
  • Independent power supply while traveling and at your holiday destination
  • Easy maneuvering via integrated maneuvering function

The new 48V electrical system from Bosch Engineering and Knaus Tabbert helps you to get more from your holiday. It offers campers more flexibility and independence when it comes to the energy supply for their caravan while traveling and at their holiday destination.

The engineering service provider Bosch Engineering is developing an intelligent 48-volt system in cooperation with the specialist for recreational vehicles Knaus Tabbert. The wholly-owned Bosch subsidiary benefits from the decades of industry experience of the Jandelsbrunn-based company when it comes to adapting the special requirements to the caravan.

Smart system for more self-sufficiency on the road and at your holiday destination

The 48V system includes an electrified axle, sensors, and lithium-ion batteries, thereby enabling the generation of electrical energy independent of the towing vehicle. In the generator mode of the 48V e machine offered by Bosch, the batteries can be charged while traveling as well as via recuperation* when braking.

The energy thus stored can be used for the various consumers inside the caravan or converted into propulsive power. The scalability of one to eight stationary 48V batteries installed offers maximum flexibility for a variety of holiday demands. This independent concept can also be extended to include portable 48V batteries which can be practically recharged at a power outlet inside the caravan or even at home.

The caravan is also equipped with an integrated maneuvering function to facilitate easier handling. Using an app, caravans can be maneuvered easily and conveniently to the desired parking spot at home and at your holiday destination.

And there is a connectivity unit which forms the basis for digital services such as regulating the recuperation settings which can be used via a mobile end device while traveling. This new technology thus complies with campers’ growing demands on comfort.


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