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New Partnership brings Hot Form Quench Technology to North America

Impression Technologies and Telos Global join forces to serve automotive OEM needs

Impression Technologies Ltd (‘ITL’), the creator of Hot Form Quench (HFQ®) Technology, the leading advanced lightweighting solution for high-strength aluminium structures, has announced a major strategic partnership with Telos Global, a leader in the manufacture and supply of tooling and components to the automotive sector.

The partnership agreement, which will make HFQ® technology available to the North American market, will see Telos Global manufacture high-strength aluminium body-in-white and chassis components, enabling the company to service OEM requirements in fast-growing markets such as SUVs, pick-up trucks and electric vehicles.

Telos will commence production of HFQ® components from its facility in Caryville, Tennessee, initially supplying automotive OEMs in North America, before expanding into Asia and Europe. This is a key next stage in ITL’s establishment of an HFQ® supply chain from mid-2020 onwards, as part of its strategy to create a global network of partners working to a common set of manufacturing, design and simulation standards, following on from the recently announced partnership between ITL and fischer group in Europe.

Commenting on the announcement, ITL’s CEO, Jonathan Watkins, said: “We are delighted to have entered this strategic partnership with Telos Global, which will offer automotive OEMs a high-volume supply base for stronger, lighter, more cost-effective structures made using HFQ® Technology to a guaranteed standard. We look forward to working with Telos to develop a global HFQ® supply chain capability in North America as well as globally.”

Rick Teague, CEO and founder of Telos Global, said: “This partnership with ITL offers Telos an exciting opportunity to supply automotive customers in North America and around the world with complex components manufactured from new, high-strength aluminium alloys. We believe HFQ® Technology, using Telos’ scalable production system, will offer significant opportunities for light-weighting and design flexibility at a competitive price.”

New Partnership brings Hot Form Quench Technology to North America 

New Partnership brings Hot Form Quench Technology to North America

Telos Global was established in 2016 by Rick Teague, the former Global Director of Hot Stamp Pressing and Tool Development at Cosma International (part of Magna International), to supply the world’s largest automotive OEMs with chassis and body-in-white components manufactured using the most advanced hot stamping technologies.

For further information on HFQ®, please visit http://hfqtechnology.com/

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