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Pressing Need for “Peak Shift” Cuts Down Electricity Bills, With Payback in Less Than One Year

Aida Engineering Malaysia SDN. BHD., a Malaysian subsidiary of Japan-based Aida Engineering Co., Ltd., develops, manufactures and sells press machines ranging from 80 to 300 tons. They selected Mitsubishi Electric's energy-saving data collection server “EcoWebServer III” to visualize and manage their electricity consumption, succeeding in cutting down their electricity cost by 15%.

Mitsubishi Electric

Energy, two choices: Reduce it or Pay for it!

The United Nations developed their 2030 Sustainable Development Goals to enhance everyone’s quality of life; they range from Poverty to Climate action. These things concern us all and make good sense. They make even more sense when they can also help us improve our manufacturing productivity, but how does that manifest itself in reality?.

Mitsubishi Electric

Ice Cream Makes Chewy Encounter with Digital Manufacturing

Since its launch in 1981, Lotte’s Yukimi Daifuku has been loved by people of all ages as a popular Japanese household favorite. Many have tried the unforgettable flavor and texture of the vanilla ice cream balls wrapped in soft, chewy mochi rice cake. “Delicious whenever eaten, regardless of the season,” however, to achieve that deceptively simple goal of consistent texture, quality and taste is actually more difficult than most people would have thought. To solve this challenge Lotte has introduced Mitsubishi Electric’s e-F@ctory to the production of Yukimi Daifuku.

Mitsubishi Electric

Manual work meets modern automation to empower workers with handicaps

In spite of advancing digitalization, the following still applies: Manual workstations are indispensable, because automation is not always profitable with small batch quantities or complex processes. Such workstations are preferred at the Martinshof Werkstatt Bremen, a sheltered workshop for a mixed workforce including people with handicaps, as they are ideally suited for integrating persons with physical or cognitive handicaps into working life.


With Nidec Leroy-Somer, Ahlstrom-Munksjö consolidates its attachment to the local economy and wins export markets

Meeting market expectations… keeping at the head of the pack of innovators in its field… always serving its customers better. To keep pace with its order book and pursue its development, the Ahlstrom Specialties plant at Saint-Séverin in Charente has recently been expanded. This allows it to play its part fully in the dynamics of its employment catchment area. The plant today comprises four complete manufacturing lines, and all four are comprehensively equipped with Nidec Leroy-Somer motors. Let us consider why.

Mitsubishi Electric

e-F@ctory in action

The application of e-F@ctory at Mitsubishi Electric’s Kani manufacturing facility, part of its Nagoya Works, Japan, has led to a number of hugely beneficial outcomes. For instance, by redesigning the process and reintegrating a human element where there was once 100% automation, a single line that previously occupied 280sqm has been reduced to a cell of just 44.1sqm. This 84% reduction in space means that the productivity of each square metre of production hall had been increased through greater utilisation.

Mitsubishi Electric

Woodworking machine OEM goes 100% Mitsubishi Electric

A leading manufacturer of woodworking machinery is leveraging the benefits of the latest automation technology from Mitsubishi Electric.Fed up with the disadvantages of using automation products from a mix of different suppliers, Phoenix, USA-based Unique Machine & Tool Company wanted to find a reliable single-source supply partner. The OEM eventually settled on Mitsubishi Electric and, after initial success with VFDs, soon adopted servo motors, PLCs, cables and HMIs from the same supplier. Reliability and brand reputation have subsequently improved immensely, with Unique Machine today making '100% Mitsubishi Electric’ a major part of its sales presentations.

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