Unleash The Full Potential of Modern And Secure Power Communication Solutions

Whether remote monitoring & management of solar farms and energy storage, or cyber security protection for substations as well as their advanced retrofitting: Moxa helps you to unleash your full power potential.

Power Data Acquisition and Remote Device Management

Moxa provides field site monitoring and network infrastructure solutions for solar power and energy storage at wide operating temperatures for demanding environments.
Moxa´s ready-to-run data acquisition and remote device management solution is built on compact I/O technology using daisy-chain topology. It allows distributed system monitoring and remote maintenance for solar farms as well as energy storage systems. The system monitors and controls the battery´s charging and discharging system as well as its temperature, and it protects the battery from overheating. With the help of cloud connectivity it enables reliable data acquisition from distributed sites. Moxa´s ThingsPro software ensures comprehensive, easy-to-use device management.

Cybersecurity Detection and Protection Solution in Substations

Moxa´s solution detects cybersecurity attacks by examining the IEC-61850 communication in switches.
Moxa has launched a new feature for its IEC-61850 switches to analyze GOOSE traffic. Each packet is examined in real time looking at a set of parameters, e.g. AppID, that represent a typical fingerprint of a GOOSE communication stream. After a learning phase the switches can immediately identify incoming packets that show an abnormal fingerprint.
This mechanism provides not only fast detection but also the precise location of cyberattacks such as GOOSE replay, DoS and others. Due to its state-of-the-art alarming capabilities, the MMS protocol is perfectly suited for integration in various supervision systems ranging from standard Power SCADA to Intrusion Detection Systems.

Easily Upgrade Your Substation to IEC-61850 Communication
Moxa helps you to fast and easily retrofit your substation to advanced IEC-61850 communication.
Moxa´s solution brings legacy IEDs into modern IEC-61850 networks with the aid of advanced serial and fieldbus devices. It uses the MMS protocol for a unified view not only to monitor and manage devices but also convert data from legacy type protocols. Moreover, Moxa’s solution offers high EMC level protection with IEC-61850-3 and IEEE 1613 compliance and enables you to extend the lifetime of existing IEDs by deploying protocol gateways and serial device servers.

Moxa´s substation portfolio includes embedded computers, management switches, protocol gateways and device servers, all of which are equipped with IEC-61850-3 and IEEE 1613 features, MMS protocol for device management, and protocol conversion from Modbus, DNP3, IEC-101/104 to IEC-61850. You benefit from one-stop shopping for your complete substation level protection solutions, easy management by monitoring data and device in a single view, and cost savings by extending your legacy IED’s lives in transition to the IEC-61850 digital substation.

At Cigré, Moxa will be giving two lectures:
• Jun Chuang will be demonstrating GOOSE performance monitoring based on an IEC-61850 enabled switch. This presentation will be well suited for system integrators and asset owners/operators with installation or maintenance employees.

• Daniel Lai will be showing a predictive maintenance strategy to ensure the high availability and controllability of a substation management platform.

Visit Moxa at Cigré 2018 at booth 252!

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