Eichenberger Gewinde : Individual, tailored solutions

Technical progress is not just about being able to do more, it is also about using new technologies and methods to do many things better.

High-helix lead screws are used everywhere where rotational movement needs to be converted into high-speed linear motion. Eichenberger Gewinde AG developed the Speedy high-helix lead spindle precisely for this function; it is highly resistant to wear, has a low frictional coefficient and on top of this, is totally maintenance free. The rolled spindles are available with thread angles of 8 to 120° as well as various diameters and pitches. Within this range, even the most extreme combinations are possible, such as 8 mm diameter with a pitch of 600 mm. Since Speedy is also cold-rolled from a wide range of raw materials and can be combined with plastic or bronze nuts, it is possible to have tailor-made solution for any type of application. For example, the perfect combination of materials between a stainless-steel screw and a plastic or bronze nut provides the possibility of operation without lubrication (dry running). This appreciated in the food industries. However, Eichenberger recommends initially giving it a careful, minimal greasing. No greasing is later required, but in comparison to dry operation, this prolongs the life service by a factor of up to 15.
Another application example is for magnetic resonance tomography machines (MRT) in radiology. Speedy screws in aluminium are not influenced by magnetic fields and can therefore be installed in MRTs. They are placed in the drive unit of the contrast medium injector, which prevents from magnetic interferences.