Nicolás Correa Group at MACH 2018

From 9 to 13 April, Nicolás Correa will participate in MACH 2018, the outstanding showcase for advances in the manufacturing industry. For the event, taking place in Birmingham at the Marston Green National Exhibition Centre, the company will exhibit the Correa NORMA model, a bed type with rotary table milling machine and will present all its latest innovations.

Among the wide range of milling machines offered by Nicolás Correa Group, the NORMA model is characterized for a high robustness and accuracy, and for a high flexibility that allows roughing and finishing operations. NORMA presents a great dynamic behaviour and a higher geometric accuracy during the machining process. During the event, Nicolás Correa will show the Correa NORMA 25 with integrated (axe X) rotary table and UDG indexing milling head. In this way, visitors will have the possibility to see the machining performance of a 4+2 axes machine during the exhibition.

Correa NORMA model presents a visual, intuitive and descriptive PLC that offers a simple and secure machining through its own cycles. The same happens with the tele service with direct connexion that incorporates a software preinstalled on the machine allowing our technicians to diagnose, execute and verify corrective actions or transfer them to the machine using an innovative, safety, fast and easy system. Finally, Nicolás Correa Group, first company that has developed an Environmental Product Declaration of a milling machine according to the EPD International System, incorporates in NORMA model a stand–by function and Auto Switch off function, saving the 20 per cent of the total energy machine consumption.

Nicolás Correa Group has a strong presence in the British market on the field of tool machining. In this respect, Nicolás Correa works together with DTS UK (Design and Technical Services UK Ltd); an engineering company offering comprehensive solutions for today’s advanced manufacturing environment and the SOLE AGENT for Nicolás Correa machine tools in the UK and Southern Ireland. DTS offers installations, relocation and fixing services for Correa milling heads and machines and provides commercial and after sales services. DTS offers a full range of milling and turning machines from three to five axes. With more than 450 installed milling machines, GNC is one of the leading companies in the field of milling solutions designed to work in the most demanding production environments in the United Kingdom. Gary Sanderson and Andrew Bailey each well respected and with a wealth of experience in the machine tool industry, are the Directors of DTS UK Ltd and they have been working with Correa for over 20 years.

If you want to know more about NORMA, visit us at MACH 2018, at the Marston Green National Exhibition Centre of Birmingham, Hall 6 stand 560, from 9 to 13 April.